Rank and Rent SEO – From Beginner to Advanced


What is Rank and Rent SEO?

Rank and rent SEO so what is rank and rent it’s when you rank your own website in Google search results in order to generate leads and you then sell those leads to a business owners.

The business owner is then going to use those leads to grow his business maybe you take on more staff or just have a more predictable business where he knows every month you’re going to send him 50 leads he will convert half of those now he’s got 25 extra jobs that is getting each month.

From the leads that you’re sending him so that’s the idea behind ranking around SEO you know taking on a client you’re not getting paid a fixed retainer your payment depends on either the pay per lead model so if you make an agreement with the business owner that he will pay you for every lead that you send him then you really your payment depends on how many leads you’re going to send him or there’s also the option to do a fixed rank and rent where you agree that no matter how many leads you send him he will pay you 500 dollars a thousand dollars every month depending on how much those leads are worth to him so with the pay per lead model where you get paid per lead that’s that’s a little bit better because now you have an incentive to get him more leads in order to increase your own income whereas if you have a fixed amount that you pay that you get paid each month then really you can’t invest as much work in it because there’s no return on investment or any extra work that you put into that rank and rent project if that makes sense so I do prefer the pay per lead model because of that when it comes to ranking around but I also want to talk about who rank and rent might be interesting for so for some is heroes who are beginners that might be a good option reasons for that is that you’re not messing up a client’s messing with the client’s website directly when you’re getting started with SEO you can rank your own website websites learning your lessons and see what works see what doesn’t work and at the end of the day whether you make any mistakes doesn’t matter too much again because you’re not screwing up your clients website so it’s it’s a good learning tool in that sense and the preferred way here when you’re doing ranking brand as a beginner would be to pick some low competition niches so let’s jump into that straightaway so no competition how do how do we find a little competition nature is basically what we try to answer here let’s get into some search results so I’m in Australia here usually the biggest cities in any country are the most competitive so depending on where you’re trying to rank you want to probably start with some smaller cities I would suggest probably going even below a hundred thousand people down to probably fifty thousand people those population areas they should still have you know plumbers dentists and so on so that you can still find providers to partner with but yeah likely hundred thousand to probably maximum 150 thousand down to fifty thousand so that’s your sweet spot now let’s look at some results here for Darwin for example if we go to Darwin and we type in plumber we’re gonna check how well these are optimized so one thing we will look for is whether it help they have plumber in the business name here inside of Google Maps that’s one of the strongest ranking factors and if every one of these guys has plumber in the business name it’s going to be hard to rank for so they all seem to have plumbing in the business name so maybe not the best one but this this guy here’s in the SPECT with some really low reviews so he doesn’t have any reviews well that tells me that it’s not too competitive and the next thing that tells me that it’s not competitive is that we’ve got a website ranking number one without being really well optimized so ideally we want to have plumber Darwin at the very front here leading in the title tank but that doesn’t seem to be the place the case here ok for what’s this result for we have that for number five we have that as well absolute plumber yep so it’s a plumbing and then approved plumbing service so it’s I would say this is how a competition for a beginner so I would not suggest to go for plumber in a hundred fifty thousand City area maybe a more niche service so if we think perhaps roof restoration let’s see here they do have roofing all in their business names again not too many reviews roof restoration Darwin sorry my man let’s try that so there’s an exact match tree and be already in here that’s roof restoration Darwin tells me that it’s competitive and then from the title tags this is looking okay roof repairs maintenance Darwin it’s also still competitive I would say let’s let’s go something really niche like what could be what could we look for about dishwasher repair in Darwin okay this is looking more interesting now can we don’t have an expectorant li but there might be a way to get a map spec once you have a Google Maps listing that’s called dishwasher repair Darwin and these guys here are not well optimized at all they don’t have Darwin inside of their heading tag so if you wanted to go for dishwasher repair Darwin super easy wind in a hundred fifty thousand people area now it it’s also important to check whether there is someone who can actually handle those leads so making a couple of phone calls before you embark on this project to find out if there is someone in this city that can actually take those leads later on they don’t have to straightaway agree to take your leads but just to say just to give them a call hey do you do dishwasher repair Darwin and then perhaps make a list of people that you can reach or to later once your website is built it’s always a bit easier to sell a rate and rank project to a business owner if you can show them hey just type in dishwasher repair Darwin you can see me in the first place currently I can’t handle all of those leads would you be interested to take some of those leads off my hands and then you can start a negotiation from there which is a lot easier then if you don’t have a website ranking in Google search results yet so that’s the ranking rent model it really works well for beginners and I want to also cover how it can work for more advanced SEO s so let’s go black here and for advanced as heroes they might be interested in rank and rent because it’s a hands-off approach so to speak you can have your team building out these websites if you have processes on how to rank in local search results there’s no client that tells you we need to change the logo we need to change the address of our business we need to start email marketing all of that is not going to come into play because you’re just ranking one website for one single location so it’s a lot more hands-off a lot less involved than trying to work with clients because stuff changes in your clients business right and then as an SEO you need to adapt and make changes according to that so for advanced SEO it’s definitely more hands-off line work it’s also more scalable I would say so what large agencies do SEO agencies or any marketing agencies they have a big team of account managers right and these account managers they just make sure that clients are happy that all the work is communicated with the clients that goals are clear and so on so with rank and rent you don’t need an account manager because you’re literally just sending someone phone calls and however many phone calls he gets that’s how much you will be paid for so you don’t need that whole customer service side of things with rank and rent so that’s what I like about it so more scalable due to no customer service being required you don’t have to have monthly meetings with your rank and rent partner on how things are going because again they’re only paying you for leads they see depending on how much you invoice them for how many leads you’ve gotten so very hands-off very scalable the downside of it I would say is that you really need a good partner really good rank and rent partner required that’s because if you’re uncle Ram partner is not able to scale his business let’s say you’ve agreed on a paper lead model the first month you give him 50 leads next month you’re going to scale up to 100 leads but your regular partner says I can’t handle that many leads I want to go back to the old pricing and I’m not going to pay you more for these extra 50 leads that you’ve gotten me this month because I can’t do anything with them because I don’t want to hire any new staff members I want to work by myself and yeah that’s where you run into troubles with rank and rent if your partner is not able to scale his business according to how many leads you’re giving him so one workaround to that is to work with what we call franchise businesses so work with franchise the reason for that is they usually set up to scale already so if a franchisee has five to ten people different business owners in New York now they can distribute those leads if you get them leads for plumber New York they can distribute the 300 leads that you’ve got the minimum in one month to the different franchise partners that they have in New York so it’s a lot more scalable for them they have a call center usually calls answered really quickly which leads to higher conversion rates again so you can see how it’s very beneficial to partner with people who have got their business figured out they know how to scale they know the importance of leads and you can literally send them as many leads as you can get without any running into any issues so finding a really good partners such as franchises businesses is really awesome what idea could be even to do it in the gym space if you can rank for gyms and you can prove that you’re getting someone fifty to a hundred new leads for a gym subscription that could be really big – because gym is very scalable especially right now after kovat everybody wants to go back to the gym and reactivate a gym membership so definitely something to try and there’s obviously enough gym franchises around there too lots of potential ranking around partners so hope that video was helpful if you’ve considered doing rank and rent I personally like it a lot it’s a very cool way to do SEO and for me it’s a bit more sort of back to the roots keeping it simple just ranking something and getting phone calls as opposed to having all of the other client stuff that comes with working with clients and helping them with their day to day issues all right thank you this was Marc from Steve

Originally posted 2020-07-03 05:03:32.