Today I want to show you how a local bookkeeping business rocketed their website to the #1 spot on Google. I’ll show you how our client boosted her organic search traffic by 225%…in in only 87 days.

It took Marc just a few months to get my website traffic up and I really wasn’t expecting it, but it happened! – Melanie

Below I’ll walk you through the exact white hat SEO strategy that they used, step-by-step.

1. Get started on Google my businesses (maps)

Having a google business listing is important. This way your customers can easily find you and search engines will rank you higher.

How to register your business with google: click here

2. Find out how many times keywords are searched for per month

Knowing what keywords are in high demand helps you to target keywords that have upward trends.

There are websites that will help you with this, have a look here:

3. Get realistic: What keywords can you really rank for?

You will never be able to rank for keywords where you compete against Ikea, Google or Microsoft – these are established companies and google will always show their results first.

You can, however, rank for: ‘business software Perth’ this is a more generic term with less competition.

The final takeaway: Find out how strong the competition is and use keywords where you can beat your competition.

4. Optimise your website for profitable keywords that you have researched.

Once you know the keywords that have sufficient search traffic and also low competition you can make sure to include those keywords on your website.

This includes: image names, headings, mentions in paragraph text and meta tags.

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Originally posted 2019-08-12 08:10:00.