Creating a web site isn’t sufficient. Getting listed in the major search engines is the critical aim of website owners to ensure a site gets visible in SERP for several keywords. This listing of a website and visibility of freshest content is large as a result of search engine spiders which crawl and index sites. Webmasters could control the way in which these robots parse websites by inserting instructions in a special file called robots.txt. Several pages of a WordPress website need not be indexed by the search engines.

What is robots txt WordPress?

The robots.txt is a text file set at the origin of one’s site. This document is meant to prohibit internet search engine spiders from indexing certain regions of your site. The robots.txt file is one of the first files scanned by spiders (robots).

Why robots txt file is used?

The robots.txt file gives instructions to the search engine robots that analyze your website, it’s an exclusion protocol for robots. Thanks to this file, you can prohibit the exploration and indexing of your site to some robots (also called “crawlers” or “spiders”).

Why the robots.txt file is important

User-agent: *

Disallow: /

This is the basic skeleton of a robots.txt file.

The asterisk after “User-agent” means that the robots.txt file applies to all web robots that visit the site. The slash after “Disallow” tells the robot to not visit any pages on the site.

You might be wondering why anybody would like to prevent web robots from seeing their website. After all, one of the major goals of SEO is to get search engines to crawl your site easily so they increase your ranking. This is where the secret to this SEO hack comes in.

You almost certainly have a lot of pages in your own website, right? Even in the event that you never believe you do, then go check. You could be shocked. When an internet search engine crawls your website, it is going to crawl each of your own pages.

Of course, if you have many pages, then it will choose the internet search engine bot a while to creep them which can have unwanted results in your own ranking That’s because Googlebot (Google’s search engine bot) has a “crawl budget.”

Basically, the crawl budget is “the number of URLs Googlebot can and wants to crawl.”

You would like to help Googlebot pay its crawl budget for your site at the best way possible. To put it differently, it should be crawling your pages that are most valuable.

Originally posted 2019-01-29 14:42:44.