Content writing is an important part of any marketing campaign/activity. Besides our brain, software is here to help lazy website owners generate content. But does this really work?

We have run the test for you to find out if machines can actually generate useful, readable and accurate content that will rank in search engines.

Why Would you use an SEO content generator?

The short answer is, to save time and money. Good copywriters can cost upwords for $300 AUD per article. But can content generators really live up to the hype?

Since it would take a lot of time to create content for your Link Building, SEO article generators, and Free Website Content Creator might be the thing you need.

We discovered that the search for the best SEO article generator can be a challenging journey.

We wanted to make sure that with the tool, we will not waste time on cleaning up misspelled words, grammar and punctuation errors, and bizarre context.




Based on their website’s description, Articlegenerator is a tool developed to help those who want to create fresh content. This SEO article generator tool offers fresh and unique content for your website, blog or college, unique articles can increase your website ranking in search engines and can get more traffic to your website.

Let’s go through the basics of the tool:

Link: Articlegenerator.Org

Price: $5.00 Price List

An okay price for an SEO article generator and you expect to show quality content, accurate texts, and relevance to your keywords.


  • So far, the tool produces above average contents. Readability is good and words used are unique. You can get great write-ups from the tool that can help fill up your website’s content.


  • In the SEO world, quality content is not enough to put you at the top. One of the reasons why you want to avail this SEO article generator is to save you some time and focus on other things to improve your website.
  • Unfortunately, ArticleGenerator does not show enough related words in the content produced. It provides off topic contents which is clearly not a good sign for a competitive article.
  • You would have to go through the articles and read the content to check if they have produced related keywords. With this, ArticleGenerator does not live up to being the best article writer software yet.


  • Quality: 4/5
  • Accuracy: 1.8/5


Pretty impressive promises for a content generator. Seoarticlegenerator.Comproud of how they search the articles for you and incorporate your keywords, human readability with 3 years of experience, can generate unlimited articles, easy to navigate and many more.

Let us dive into the basics:

Link: Seoarticlegenerator.Com

Price: $4.99/mo 

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  • The tool by far met the readability promised. Articles produced good quality words that can entice readers to keep on reading and sticking to your website.


  • In this area, this tool may be of disappointment. When you pay for something, you expect to receive a product that would somehow cover the things you were promised. But the tool clearly failed to deliver good relevant topics. Most of the time, you need to go through each article to check if the keywords are there.
  • This is not good since you expect this important part is incorporated with your article. Which leads us to give this final rating as: 


  • Quality: 4/5
  • Accuracy: 1.8/5

The overall rating for Articlegenerator and Seoarticlegenerator.Com is the same since this is most likely they’ve used the same method and technology in creating the tools. With this, they have the same limitations and almost the same price as well.

Our quest for the best automatic article writer does not end there. Continue reading and find out the BEST in the business

Articoolo Review

Here is our last tool on the list. Articoolo claims to be the superhero of content. They turn ideas into topics and write a completely unique article about it.

Let’s check if they lived to that claim.

Link: Articoolo


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Very friendly price guide and offers a lot of options availing service with them.


  • The tool obviously met the quality we are looking for an SEO article generator. The articles are spot on.


  • To test the accuracy of the tools mentioned earlier, we’ve used a keyword generator. With still a low rating, Articoolo shows the most accurate article compared to the first two tools mentioned. Most of the articles produced have the correct words related to the topic with matching great quality write up and rich in LSI results.
  • With a low price, poor quality and mediocre accuracy, Articolo is still not recommended to be used for content that will be read by humans.


  • Quality: 2/5
  • Accuracy: 3/5

By far, Articoolo has proven to be the best article writer software and is worthy to its claim as the superhero of content. This is a highly recommended tool for website content creation.

The Verdict on Content Generators

All of the content generators that we have tested had very poor quality. There is a reason why top copywriters charge $300 AUD + for 1000 words of website content.

Copywriting, when done correctly, starts with a research process into your customers problems, awareness, readiness to act and objections.

Machine-generated content will never be able to live up to what it needs to achieve. Therefore our recommendation is to not use auto-generated content, but rather focus on quality articles that actually help your users.

Originally posted 2019-08-12 06:14:59.