E-Commerce SEO

Using ROBOT.TXT in site – NO INDEX – WordPress settings

Creating a web site isn’t sufficient. Getting listed in the major search engines is the critical aim of website owners to ensure a site gets visible in SERP for several keywords. This listing of a website and visibility of freshest content is large as a result of search engine spiders which crawl and index sites. Webmasters could control the way in which these robots parse websites by inserting instructions in a special file called robots.txt. Several pages of a WordPress website need not be indexed by the search engines.

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Local SEO Strategy

Over 90 percent of people look on Google for the product or service they’re interested in before making the purchase.  Phone books and directories are getting an increasing number of laborious each year. Additionally, this applies to local searches because people attempt to find companies in their areas which can satisfy their needs. If your organization isn’t listed on page 1 of Google for the services or products, you’re losing clients/customers to the competition who are monopolizing on that traffic.

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